Behavioral Disorders

February, 2012 | Vol: 3 Issue: 1

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Learning Objective


What you Need to Know About Callous-Unemotional Traits and Disruptive Behavioral Disorders

Recently, researchers in the field of conduct disorder (CD) have proposed including a specifier to the diagnosis of CD in DSM-5 based on the presence of callous-unemotional (CU) traits.

How Effective Are the Newest Antipsychotics?

Four new antipsychotics are beginning to gain some traction in the adult market. Here is a quick low down on paliperidone, iloperidone (Fanapt), lurasidone (Latuda), and asenapine (Saphris).

Expert Q&A

Treating Violent and Antisocial Children and Adolescents

We really do not know the etiology of what makes a child violent or antisocial. But there are so many successes in medicine—leukemia, many of the cancers—where we do not know etiology yet, but we still have effective treatments.

Research Update

Does Stealing in Childhood Predict Future Psychiatric Illness?

Stealing is a criterion of conduct disorder in DSM-IV. But we can probably all agree that stealing alone is not necessarily a sign of mental illness—sometimes it’s just bad behavior.

Most Kids’ Chest Pain Does Not Have Cardiac Causes

Many parents are justifiably worried about the effects of medication on their children, including the cardiac effects of stimulants.