Substance Abuse


Pharmacotherapy for Substance Abuse

Treating substance abuse is difficult whether the patient is young or old. Although one might hope that the shorter period of abuse seen in teens would make the disorder less entrenched, the data shows otherwise: addiction is a stubborn disorder with a long term, relapsing, and remitting course.

New Drugs, Legal Highs, and Big Risks: A Review of Novel Intoxicants

Substance Abuse - The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report

Popular among individuals seeking to avoid social and legal consequences of drug use, a bewildering array of synthetic intoxicants and formerly obscure ethnobotanicals have surged to prominence in the past decade.

Research Update

Prescribing Anxiety Meds for Teens May Trigger Later Drug Abuse

Adolescents are commonly prescribed anti-anxiety or sleep medications, which is often reasonable, given the efficacy of these agents. We often worry about abuse potential, but we’ve had little data to tell how much we should worry, until now. It turns out that we may be prodding some of these teens down the road toward addiction.

Daily Marijuana Use by Teens Creates Life Problems

A new study provides strong evidence that chronic marijuana use during adolescence can lead to significant social and psychiatric issues later in life. 

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The Vast Landscape of Services that is “Rehab” [Free Article]

If a patient comes in and says, “doc, I think I need to go to rehab,” what should you do? Most people think of rehabs as residential facilities, but these days, the term “rehab” includes a broad spectrum of treatment settings, most of which, in fact, are not residential—only 10% of people receiving specialized addiction services go to residential rehab. 

Suboxone: An Overview

Opioid drugs represent one of the great triumphs of medicine, because they are extremely effective at relieving pain. Since the 1960s, multiple forms of synthetic opioids have been introduced, including such wellknown drugs as hydrocodone (Vicodin) and oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin).

FDA-Approved Medications to Treat Addiction [Free Article]

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As with other mental disorders, treatment of addiction is a “both/and” rather than “either/or” proposition. In other words, clients can benefit from both psychological therapies and pharmacotherapies.