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Medication Strategies for Helping People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Getting meds just right is challenging in autism. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes it doesn't work out so well. No two people with Autism Spectrum Disorder are alike, meaning that our medication choices have to be individualized even more so than in most other psychiatric syndromes.

Medications for Childhood PTSD: It’s All Off-Label

Medications for Childhood PTSD: It’s All Off-Label

In 2011, we wrote a review of medications for PTSD in children and found, unfortunately, that data to inform true evidence-based practice was scant. There are still no psychotropic medications that have been proven effective in randomized controlled trials for children with PTSD and there are no FDA approved medications for this population.

Good Forensic Habits for your Practice

When it comes to legal issues, prevention is by far the best medicine. In this article, we will talk about good forensic habits that will protect you from certified letters signed by attorneys. Much of this advice is gleaned from that classic textbook, Clinical Handbook of Psychiatry and the Law (Gutheil and Appelbaum, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 3rd ed., 2000).

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The GeneSight Genetic Test: A Review of the Evidence [Free Article]

Assurex Health recently sent me an email inviting me to dine at Legal Seafood to learn about “Clinical Applications of Psychiatric Pharmacogenetics.” I didn’t go, but increasingly I am hearing from colleagues about their experiences at these dinner programs: “What do you think about this GeneSight test? The data looked pretty impressive at this dinner.” 

Which Electronic Health Record Should You Buy? A Review of Three Products

The Carlat Report - Electronic Medical Records

There are a lot of electronic health record (EHR—also called electronic medical record, or EMR) companies vying for your hard earned cash. How do you decide among them?