Depressive Disorder


Insomnia and Mood Disorders in Adolescents

Insomnia and sleep disturbance are common symptoms of depression in adults, but this is not always the case in adolescents. In fact, a group of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh who studied insomnia in depressed teens found that, compared to adults, insomnia in adolescents is different—very different.

Editor’s Perspective: Do Antidepressants Work in Kids?

The extent to which antidepressants are effective for pediatric depression continues to stir controversy, as discussed in this issue of CCPR.

Treating Depressed Adolescents Who Have Attempted Suicide: Results of the TASA Trial

Historically, research into the effectiveness of antidepressants for depressed youths has been unimpressive. The history of SSRI use in children has been fraught with its own series of disappointments and controversies.

Research Update

To Prevent Depression in Teens, Teach about Change

Transitioning to high school can be a tough time, and studies have shown that teenagers are increasingly likely to have symptoms of depression over the course of their freshman year of school. Now an intriguing study seems to show that a simple intervention can ease these symptoms quite effectively. 

Does Dose Matter When it Comes to Antidepressants and Self-Harm?

Concerns about the possible risk of suicide in young people taking antidepressants are often voiced by experts and parents. But how much of a role does dosage play in the risk of suicide and self-harm among young people on antidepressants?