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Bullying in Schools: A Primer

When most of us went to school, we knew who the bullies were, and we knew who got bullied, but the problem was not discussed much. Things have changed since then. With media coverage of suicides attributable to bullying, we now realize that the phenomenon is potentially deadly. 

Medications for Agitated Kids— When Nothing Else Works

There is a lack good research on the best ways to calm acutely agitated children. Your approach may likely be slightly different from a colleague’s. Here are some suggestions to help when you find yourself in situations where nothing else works. 

Research Update

Daily Marijuana Use by Teens Creates Life Problems

A new study provides strong evidence that chronic marijuana use during adolescence can lead to significant social and psychiatric issues later in life. 

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Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TF-CBT has strong evidence of improving a wide variety of problems, including PTSD, depression, anxiety and fear, behavior
problems, and trauma-related shame, as well as improving parental functioning.

The Neurobiology of Trauma

If a child has been neglected, abused, subjected to domestic violence, or developed an attachment disorder from parents who may not have been abusive but angry, critical, reactive, and in other ways frightening to the child, the child’s mind and body have, within a relatively short time, become adapted to those conditions.

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Vyvanse: A Look at America’s Most Prescribed Stimulant [Free Article]

ADHD - The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report (CCPR)

Why has Vyvanse become by far the most prescribed stimulant in the United States? Great marketing? A great product? Some combination of the two? 

Diagnostic Comorbidity in DSM-5: More of the Same [Free Article]

Child Psychiatry in DSM-5 - The Carlat Child Psychiatry Report (CCPR)

The epidemic of psychiatric comorbidity has been a problem since DSM-III appeared way back in 1980. Not much has been done to improve this area in the subsequent editions of the manual. 

Video Game Addiction [Free Article]

Problematic Technology - The Carlat Child Report (CCPR)

Video games have come a long way since Pac Man and Tetris. Games today simulate reality in massive user-generated worlds.

Stimulants in the Treatment of ADHD


The gold standards of treatment for ADHD are the stimulants amphetamine and methylphenidate. They are old friends, having been used for decades, and there is a wealth of patient experience with them. Although we use them all the time, an occasional review of the tools in our toolbox is always helpful.

How to Discuss Medications with Parents

Making the decision to put a child on a psychiatric medication is hard enough. The process of discussing this possibility with parents can be even more challenging.