Anxiety Disorder


Medications for PTSD

First line treatment of PTSD should always consist of psychotherapy but medications are often used in the hopes of further improving symptoms.

Psychotherapy for Pediatric PTSD

In the US, 60% of children report exposure to violence, abuse or other trauma in the past year. Traumatized children like Karina can present to treatment with a range of symptoms, including anxiety, irritability, disruptive behaviors, mood dysregulation, and developmental regression.

Tourette’s Syndrome: A Brief Summary

Tourette’s syndrome is a disorder of both motor and vocal tics. If you see or hear both of these, you can make the diagnosis with confidence.

Research Update

Pet Therapy for College Students

College can be a time of stress and loneliness for students. A new study shows that pet therapy may help ease the suffering. 

The Link Between Social Anxiety and Suicidal Ideation

The teen years are known as a time of increased suicide risk. Associated factors such as depression, social support, and anxiety were recently studied to understand their relationship to ideation, planning, and suicide attempts. Researchers at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill examined how social anxiety is related to risk of suicidal ideation.

Expert QA

Tic Disorders and Comorbid Conditions

Sometimes complex motor tics and OCD compulsions can be difficult to differentiate, since both are related to urges to perform some type of activity or movement.